Mid-Autumn Rising

There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by. —Annie Dillard

Watching a sunrise is breathtaking. Not actively watching it, mind you, but witnessing it unfold as a backdrop to the daily activities of people rising to greet the dawn, or with the pattering raindrops of sneakers, listening to those on their early runs, steam swirling from the cold air touching their radiated heat.

Watching a sunrise solely focused on the sun itself is to witness only the composer, the cacophony of sound comprising life unheeded. The mundane details no longer seem so mundane when orchestrated together with the rising tide of light that greets the early morning’s day. That is truly the sunrise.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Rising

  1. This is beautiful:). Short and to the point and I understood all of it! Love it. Side ? You say cacophony of sound but doesn’t cacophony mean messy sounds/noices?

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    1. Thanks Kelly! Cacophony can mean messy or incoherent, but it can also mean clamor or a mixture of sounds. I suppose I was trying to share that the seemingly disparate sounds we hear in the morning, when juxtaposed with the rising sun, can (and does) become an orchestral opportunity for synesthesia.

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